//Cut It Down and Forget About It//

We all make mistakes, lose the fight, do stupid stuff…

Everyone from the pope, to the president (ok so maybe politicians is not a good example), to the CEO of a fortune 500 company has made many mistakes along the way.

So if everyone makes mistakes, what is the difference between the guy in the dead end 9-5 job and the CEO of the company?  Yes, the CEO may have a better education…but at a bigger level what is different?

One thing is likely the way that they look at “failure”.

There is a story about General Robert E. Lee that he visited the home of a widow after the Civil War.  The woman told General Lee about the tree in the front yard that had been damaged by the Union artillery fire, expecting him to comment and sympathize with her but she was surprised at his response.  “Cut it down, my dear madam, and forget it.”

Have you ever been told to get over something that really upset you?  Did it make you even more upset that the other person suggested that you “GET OVER IT”?

We have these stories in our heads that our feelings are justified and that they are righteous, but do you ever ask what are these feelings serving?  Are these feelings beneficial to me?  Are they even true?

If we live in the past hurts and failures, it becomes more difficult to move on to make new mistakes.

Learning to get over the “failures” are key to becoming successful.

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