Have you ever heard of John Stephen Akhwari?

I never had…he was an olympic marathon runner who represented Tanzania in the 1968 Summer Olympics in Mexico City.

Do you know WHY his name is known by some, and is down in the history books?  Is it because of the come back story of a nobody winning the race from behind?  Or beating a world record for fastest time?

Actually he was the LAST person to finish the race more than one HOUR after the winner completed the race.  He had fallen and hurt his leg during the race, but didn’t let that stop him.  After he finished the race, he was asked why he didn’t just quit when he knew he had no chance of winning or even placing in the event.  His response was PROFOUND…

“My country did not send me to Mexico City to start the race, They sent me to finish the race.”


Many times in life things don’t go as planned.  We start with these big dreams and hopes and things just go wrong…but it is in those moments that you learn the most…it is in those moments that you show your true colors.

You have a choice…are you going to listen to the voices that tell you to stay down…to quit…to just go back to sleep?  Or are you going to stand up, brush yourself off, bandage up your wounds and move forward…keep moving to your goals…your dreams…the things that you committed to?

Goals are meant to drive us…if you aren’t setting goals that are scary, then you aren’t setting them high enough.  But with scary goals, sometimes that means that you will come up short…you won’t place…you won’t even finish with fans in the stands…sometimes you will finish and no one will even know that you were still running…but you are not running for them…you are not running to get praised or cheered or screamed for…you are running because you committed to run…you live in Honor and will complete your journey..because the journey is the point not the destination…

How have you shown up in life?  With your Family?  With your Business?

Your true character shows up when no one is looking

Be the hero in your movie…it isn’t good enough to just show up….you have to finish…NO MATTER WHAT!!


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