Being in shape is very hot right now…crossfit, clean eating, paleo, bulletproof, etc etc etc…
Most talk about these things with goals of losing weight and looking good naked.
These are fine goals, but there is more to fitness than just these…
Exercise and eating healthy can save your life…
October of last year I went to the doctor for an annual physical. At this point I had lost around 50 pounds (down from 325 pounds), was following paleo so was not really eating sugar or carbs.
I got a call from the doctor to go over the results from my physical and they informed me that I was pre-diabetic. My A1C came back at 6.4 which is the highest before having diabetes.
Screen Shot 2016-04-17 at 8.04.30 PM
I had already done the things the doctor told me I should do…cut carbs, don’t eat sugar, add exercise…I was doing all of these things…
I had shocked my body and system over the previous year and though I was doing the right things, I needed to do more.
I hired a coach to work with me to help take my health and fitness to the next level.
I started this journey with the goals of losing weight and added to my goals to be in great physical condition to be able to be there for my family, and to be able to help others if I needed to.
I love this story, the crossfit instructor scales a 25′ wall to rescue people in a car accident.
Would you be able to save your family in a similar situation?
Fitness is life and death…and not just for you…you could save someone else’s life.
What will it take for you to change?

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