This morning my alarm went off and I did not want to get up and start my routine. I laid in bed for a few minutes before rolling out.

I did my morning drinks and supplements then went into my office to do my morning run.

I am running on a treadmill and have been pushing to beat my last PR each time so I started off on the run at the same speed I worked up to last time.

Most mornings the voice in my head is telling me to stop but this morning it was freaking screaming at me.

Stop running, you are tired. Don’t push so hard. Just stop and take a break no one will know any different.

I kept running. A few times I felt my legs lock up like my body was preparing to stop and arms going to grab the hand rails but I kept running.

For me it seems at the half way point the negative voices shut up or at least are more quiet and the positive voice is able to be heard saying you are halfway there. Just keep going.

I was able to push thru today and hit a new PR and first time mile under 8 minutes!!!

Do whatever you need to make the negative voices shut up. Just keep pushing.


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