We all say it, I hear it all the time, posts on Facebook, passing conversations…
“I don’t have enough _____ for that”
Insert:  Time, Money, Patience, Knowledge, Experience, etc into this blank
It is easy for us to say that we want certain things.  I want to lose weight, I want to have a six pack, I want to flip 10 houses and purchase 10 rental units, I want to sell 20 houses, I want to _____…But is that true??  Do my actions match these statements?  Am I doing the work that will result in these outcomes?
What about you?  It is the middle of March, and most people have LONG forgotten their new years resolutions.  Those weeks/months at the gym have turned back to sitting on the couch and watching TV…What we create is reality, and it shows that we either do or don’t want those things.  If we truly want them then we would still be pursuing them.
You can reveal the things that are important to you by looking at your calendar and your bank/credit card statements. Where you spend your time and your money are the things that are the most important to you.
Open your calendar…I am sure you have meetings, and deadlines, and other work related tasks there…do you have time with your family scheduled on your calendar?  Do you have workouts scheduled? Do you have the things you want mapped out and put in places that you are going to do them?
If you are not planning for these items, then they will not get done.
“If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail.”
What if I told you the things that you need could be yours by giving away what you have?
If you need more time, then give your time away…spend more time with yourself, with your family, donate your time by volunteering..make these things the important un-movable items on your calendar, and work to schedule the rest of the activities around this.
There is a well known visualization for this putting rocks and sand into a jar that represents the finite amount of time you have in a day/week/month..whatever.  The big rocks are the important items in your life, the smaller rocks less important, and the sand is the mundane crap that fills your day (laundry, dishes, taxes, etc).  That doesn’t mean they don’t need to be done, just not the most important thing in your world.  If you put the mundane sand in the jar then the small rocks, when you try to put in the big rocks, they don’t fit…but if you put in the big rocks first, then the smaller ones, then pour in the sand, it will all fit.
What are your big rocks?  Are you putting them first?
If you have a date night planned with your daughter for Wednesday night, and a REALLY important business meeting comes up, which do you choose?
There is no right or wrong answer…there just is the truth…know what the big rocks are and plan them first.  If you want that big rock to be your daughter, then don’t let a smaller rock or sand go into the container before the big rock.
This is not something that you do once, and is done forever…this is everyday, all the time adjustment and refocusing of priorities and schedules to balance.  Sometimes you have more stuff than you can cram into the jar…no matter what…
It is even MORE important to know which the important ones are so you can manage and choose what doesn’t get done…
Take time to be clear on your goals, and prioritize them.  Focus on the things that are important and figure out how to either delegate or manage the other tasks.
What are you big rocks?

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