Since losing 90+ pounds, I decided to not just buy more of the same old clothes in a smaller size.  I saw this as an opportunity to create the version of myself I wanted to be.  I have always enjoyed dressing well but the more weight I gained, the less I cared about what I wore or the clothes I had and how they fit.  I only bought clothes to have them, they gave me no joy.  I did not feel good in them, I just wore them…I didn’t want to just wear clothes anymore, I wanted to have them be an expression of how I feel about myself and the man I am creating. I decided to hire a style consultant.  It has been years since I was really thought about style.  So I found someone local to work with…started out with a few custom shirts, he helped me pick out some shoes and belts, and next on the list is to get a good fitting suit.  check out his site http://thesharpgentleman.com/

Up until today, every suit I have purchased has been from a department store or bargain clothing store.  The suits were always off the rack, a few were altered, but none ever actually fit me.  I never noticed, I assumed wearing a suit was enough, I didn’t know that it needed to “FIT”…I had never been able to compare it…Not to mention the only suits I had left were WAY too big!!


I am actually standing with both legs inside one pant leg!!

Standing outside the store today I had these anxious feelings about going in to shop for a “real” suit.  The store is HUGE, modern design, lots of sales people dressed to the 9’s and obviously lots of amazing clothes.

I was meeting with my style consultant, and had some time to blow, so I walked around and did some window shopping.  There are some incredible stores and restaurants in this part of Dallas.  Lots of high end shopping, people walking their dogs, people eating on patios and hanging out.  I had these thoughts in my head and knew that it was a BS story that was running thru my head, and I just had to get thru it…

As with most times fear, or doubt creeps into your head, it was exactly what I knew it to be…BS…

I went into the store, tried on 2 suits, loved how it felt and looked, so I bought one, it is being altered and I will pick it up next week.

When I left the store, I went and ate a burger and had a great conversation and went home.  I felt amazing, had confidence, joy and swagger.  It is amazing how the right clothes can make you feel…

Sometimes you cover up on the outside, put on comfortable clothes, without much thought into what it looks like, only focusing on getting out the door.

I would have you consider that this can actually impact your mood, confidence, attitude and absolutely the way others see you without you even saying a word.

You don’t have to buy and wear a suit…Just think about what makes you comfortable…what makes you happy?  What expresses who you are?

My 4 year old does this naturally…Sydney has her own style…she is confident in who she is and what makes her feel happy.  She doesn’t hesitate to wear clothes that expresses herself.


Is there anything in your life that you are holding back and hiding from yourself and others?

Be true to yourself…become the person that you wanted to be when you were little…don’t quit dreaming…don’t forget who you are!!


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