//Date Night//

I see lots of posts and pictures of date night. I have posted my fair share. And these are awesome. Dating your wife is so important but are you actually dating your wife? Or just hanging with a friend?

Do you date nights look anything like what they did before you were married? Sure you may have more money now but do you out in the same amount of energy?

Are you excited leading up to the night?

Are you anxious?

How much time do you spend planning?

Date night is more than just time together with your wife and away from kids.

Date night is time to remember who you were and who she was before everyday life added complexities of kids and jobs and mortgages and car payments.

Take a moment and pretend that you were trying to win her heart? Would the last date nights with her have done that?

For me, I can say no. I have been checking the box.

I have been going through the motions.

Since getting married out focus shifted from a couple who flirted and were playful and spontaneous to something else.

It is time to quit playing small on date night!!


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