I don’t know about you, but I hate to wait…I am an impatient person.  I want to get things done yesterday…I drive fast, I talk fast, I push everything I do to the point of exhaustion

It is important to remember that there is a natural delay between planting and harvesting.

Think about it, when you plant a seed, it takes time to grow.  You have to feed it, water it, prune weeds, and wait…it needs the right conditions and time to grow…there is nothing you can do to speed it up…All you can do is keep doing the work and wait until it is ready.

Unlike with gardening, we don’t know how long our seeds will take to grow.  When you plant seeds of expansion in all areas of your life, you have to keep working like you already are where you want to be.

You have heard the saying “dress for success”, “dress for the job you want not the job you have”, etc…all these are about the mindset of seeing yourself in that place, and acting like you are already there.

I have lost a lot of weight over the past  year, over 80 pounds!  It didn’t happen over night…I didn’t wake up one day and no longer crave Ice Cream…I worked at it a long time…I planted the seed and then worked everyday to be the person I wanted…A person that isn’t out of breath walking up one flight of stairs…a person who is not pre-diabetic on his way to full blown diabetes….a person who can run and play with his kids for longer than 5 minutes…

That didn’t happen over night…I planted the seed and kept feeding it with the actions to meet my goals…I am still taking action everyday to meet my goals…I have not achieved the goals in my health and fitness yet…but I am well on my way…and I my actions are of the person that I want to be tomorrow, not the person I am today…

This mindset shift was huge in my success thus far…because there are times that I hit road blocks…there are struggles…there are temptations…there are mornings that I question what the hell I am doing…why am I waking up at 5 AM to drink some really awful tasting stuff then do 10 minutes of burpees before going to work…days that I had rather just eat a pizza and sit on the couch instead of eating clean and doing my workouts…

But what keeps me focused is the goal…the amazing thing is that life is not about the destination…it is about the journey…because one day I will reach my goal…and that day I will celebrate!!  I will live in the moment, and look back at the journey that got me there and the struggles, and pain and joy and sadness.  Take time to breath it in…then the next day I will make a new goal that will continue to push me…

I have gained and lost weight multiple times over the years…the story is the same each time…I set a goal, work to attain that goal, then coast…I go back to the old habits of eating poorly, not exercising and what do you know the weight comes back…it comes back more than before, because the threshold is raised before the pain of reality. It takes longer to get to the point of pain that you do something about it…

To change your mindset, living everyday as the person you want to be…telling yourself and acting like you are already there…that takes the roller coaster ride away…that doesn’t remove the struggle…or the pain…it just focuses the energy towards the truth that you create for yourself.

Look at extremely successful people.  Take someone like Mark Cuban, he started with nothing, working his butt off to build Broadcast.com and then sold it to Yahoo for $5.7 BILLION!  Cuban was set, he could have coasted the rest of his life and never done another thing and still had money to spare…but that isn’t what he did, he is constantly working, investing, building and creating.  He purchased the Dallas Mavericks, started multiple businesses, invested in others…when he achieves a goal, he sets a new one…a more difficult one…


If your goals don’t scare you, then they aren’t big enough.

The point of goals is to push you, and to turn you into the person that can do the things that make the goal a reality.

What do you want?

What is your Why?  The reason that you will stick to your goals thru the hard times?

Get really clear on what you want and your why, the start taking action.  Declare your goals publicly.  Have someone hold you accountable to them.

No one is going to save you, it is up to you, but you are fully capable of doing whatever you set your mind to.

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t–you’re right.” -Henry Ford


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