If you have ever traveled by airline, then you have heard the safety discussion.  Most of us have our headphones on and are not really paying much attention to the flight attendants, but we all know what they say.

Your seat may be used as a floatation device, exits at the rear of the plane, and in the event of loss of cabin pressure, masks will drop from the ceiling.  Make sure to secure your mask before helping others…

That last part is really obvious in the example of an airplane losing air pressure.  We all know the reason to put our masks on right??

If I don’t put on my mask, and then I pass out from lack of oxygen, then I can’t help others.

It doesn’t matter if you have kids with you, sitting next to your mom or grandma…you need to secure your mask FIRST.

Outside this scenario though, the concept is rather foreign to me.  The world I saw, people did not put themselves first.  That was looked down upon.  You have to put others first…kids, wife, family, job, church, etc.

Fathers, who give up everything to let their family come first.  Mothers, teachers, and the list goes on…

Society has celebrated this and vilified those who take care of themselves.

I have seen a child’s choice in college, career, and life partner be explained as not for fun, or just make the “SMART” decision. The SAFE decision…the NORMAL decision…the one that society is comfortable with.

So to be clear, I am not saying, give your family the middle finger as you sell your minivan to buy a Harley.  And I am not talking about blowing your money on things instead of taking care of your family…taking food and shelter out of their hands…

What I am saying, is that you can’t love someone else more than you love yourself.  You can’t receive love from someone else greater than you love yourself.  If you are an unhappy miserable prick, then even though your church gets their 10%, you are still limited on the impact you can make to the world because you are not taking care of yourself.

I have used the analogy of the sand, pebbles and rocks in a container…the important things in your life are the big stones, the pebbles are the normal activities, and the sand is the things that don’t even make the day planner..just life…If you put the sand in, then the pebbles, there is not enough room in the container for all the big rocks….but if you put in the big rocks first, then the pebbles, then the sand…it all fits…because the sand just fills in the gaps..

So the big rocks, have to be the things that you decide are most important.

When Kary and I found out we were pregnant, pleasure for me was put on the back burner.  That doesn’t mean that I never had fun, or my life sucked.  The contrary I have had an amazing time since then.  BUT…I did not put me first in a lot of areas..

Relationships – Friendships – Health – Business

When I made decisions, my pleasure was so far down the list, many times it was never even a consideration.

Until I started looking at all areas of my life, my marriage, my relationship with my kids, my friendships, my business, etc I didn’t connect them.   Working with a coach who pointed out that not putting myself first, was actually hurting my relationship with my wife, my kids, my friends, etc.

Like the oxygen mask, you have to take care of yourself first, to show up 100% to the other areas of your life.

This can be in small things…make time for yourself.  SCHEDULE time in your week for you…working out, catching a movie, going shopping, watching a game with friends.  Whatever that looks like for you, do it.

Treat pleasure as a need!

Date nights with your wife are a need, not a nice to have.

That trip you wanted to take.

Whatever that means to you.

By making pleasure a priority, you have more capacity to show up in all areas of your life.

Make sure to Live YOUR Awesome

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