//Silverware Throwing//

The other day after picking Kary up from the airport, we needed to run a few errands, and then before heading home we grabbed dinner.

Having three kids, aged 7, 4, & 2 is always an adventure going places.  One of them is usually upset at us or one another and eating is even more interesting.  Order exactly what they want and then when it shows up being upset because they wanted something else.

At one point in the meal, Tyler (2) was playing and fell out of his chair and hit the floor face first.  Having 3 kids, our reaction was to just wait until he got up off the floor…he started crying and I got up to comfort him, and the waitress that was behind him ran to him to see if he was alright.  I told her he was fine, and she gave him a smile and went back to helping her tables.

Multiple other “events” went on with a few fits, some food and silverware throwing and dropping..but we just kept on smiling and enjoying our night.

As parents it is easy to focus on all of the things that aren’t going exactly as we would like.  Focus on our expectations of how we wanted our kids to “behave” and react…This was the way I handled life before…I would get pissed and focus on all the crap that was going on…why my kids couldn’t be quiet, sit still, not talk and scream and cry….

Instead of reacting to these things, that happen…YOU have the choice to take a deep breath and remember that your children are just that…CHILDREN…they are not adults..they do not have the ability to sit perfectly still and quiet…heck I am 38 and I can’t sit still and quiet…I have to be moving and talking most of the time…even when I sleep I am not still..

At the end of the meal, I gave Kary the keys so she could take the kids and get them loaded in the car while I paid the bill.  Our waitress came and took my card and while I waited there to sign my receipt, the other waitress that came to Tyler’s aid when he fell, was walking by…she stopped when she saw me, came over to me and said, “I want you to know that you have an amazing family…I am not sure what it means coming from me, but I love your family, and wanted to tell you how amazing it is to see you guys tonight.”  And then she turned and went to her customers.

I paid the bill and went to the car, with the biggest smile you could imagine.  I told Kary the story and we reflected on the evening.

What parts of the story are you focusing on?

Do you encourage and celebrate the positive things?

What good happened today?

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