//What can you do for others?//

Without much effort you have the ability to help someone in a big way.

It may be buying someone a meal, letting someone cross the street, helping someone carry out their groceries.

Or maybe it’s to take on a task that is usually the job of someone else.

Like cooking dinner for your family.

My wife is a stay at home mom and when she quit her job the agreement we made was she would cook. She wasn’t much of a cook at the time, although she is now, she also never has enjoyed cooking.

I have always loved to cook but when I would get home from work I would be too tired to want to cook.

Over the last few months I have been taking back the regular cooking responsibility. Of course I have cooked much of the time since we married but it was traditionally something that she would do during the week.

Me taking that off her plate allows her to just enjoy me and our kids. We can talk and hang out while I cook. She can tell me about her day. And she doesn’t have to go a job she doesn’t like

No one wants to do work they hate.

What can you take off your partner’s plate?


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