Last week I had a moment of pure stupidity, when I spilled coffee on my less than 6 month old MacBook Pro. If you know Mac, then you know that was not a cheap mistake.

I took the computer in to Apple for repair, and today received the laptop back in perfect working condition, minus all of my data that was on it previously. So I have been installing applications, copying data from USB drives, and I realized that I did not have a COMPLETE backup since August of 2015. Most of my stuff is backed up to cloud places and usb drives, but I will lose some data that was not manually backed up.

The main reason I had not backed up my machine since August was because I had lost the power cord to the external USB drive I was using to backup my system. The drive was sitting on my desk and not being used. In fact my Mac kept reminding me that I hadn’t backed up in months and I just kept ignoring it.

There were many positive focus things that I pulled out of this experience, but one that really comes to mind is that I ignored a simple problem and that small problem caused a really big problem. It didn’t cause my laptop to crash, my poor Bulletproof Coffee did when my clumsy hands dropped my cup onto my laptop..

Because of this I looked at the situation and wrote down things that I could learn to improve in the future.
– Fix the small things, before they become big things
– Maintain your equipment
– have a backup plan
– have a backup to your backup plan

Next I took these lessons and applied it to my laptop…How could I make sure this never happens again? I bought a Network Attached Storage (NAS) device that will allow me to backup all my machines automatically across the network without user invention.


This is not unlike my health and fitness up to a year ago. Doctors kept telling me I was gaining weight and needed to make a change before it was too late…luckily I didn’t need wait until my body crashed to make a change. I got to the edge, and realized I didn’t want to fall and hit bottom, and made huge changes in my life.

1 year ago my body was yelling at me telling me that I wasn’t taking care of it, but I just kept ignoring it.

What are you ignoring?

What are you pretending isn’t a problem, or telling yourself you will get to tomorrow?

Tomorrow may be to late…why put off till tomorrow what you can take care of today?

Take time to look at your life, your business, your health, your relationships and see what things are needing attention. Don’t wait another moment. Write them down, and start attacking them.

It is more expensive to recover from a catastrophic failure than it is to maintain along the way.

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